Keswick Climbing Wall & Outdoor Centre – Covid-19 plan

Please not attempt to enter the centre or participate in activities if you are experiencing any symptoms or feel unwell, have been in the company of anyone showing symptoms or if you have been told to self-isolate

  1. Guidance and best practice
  • We are following all government guidelines and have been actively involved in scoping out industry best practice in partnership with key tourism bodies and specialists. Once confirmed, we will complete all necessary assessments and certification to validate our policies.
  • You participate in our activities, visit the Café, use Rookery Woods or spectate knowing that we cannot alleviate 100% of the risk of this virus.
  1. Our teams, supply chain and partners

We will ensure that everyone involved in our business is fully aware of and is committed to our plan.

  • Every team member will receive training in new health and hygiene related procedures and on their responsibility to guests and colleagues.
  • New HR policies and processes have already been implemented so we are prepared for our staff to return to work.
  • We will take all reasonable steps to follow the government’s Covid-19 Secure Workplace Guidelines.
  • We are communicating with suppliers and partners, to ensure that their policies and systems relating to health and hygiene meet the government’s Covid-19 Secure Workplace Guidelines


  1. Communication

We will share as much information as possible to provide assurance and transparency:

  • Our health and hygiene information will be available and published on our website before we open.
  • New signage and focus points will be placed around the centre to promote and remind everyone about hygiene and social distancing.
  • News, updates and any change in procedures will be on the front of our website and our social media.
  • Staff will inform or remind guests on our policies and practices if they see any breaches.


  1. Cleaning
  • A new risk-based approach to cleaning has been implemented and all team members will be trained accordingly.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available and visible at several points around the centre, including all public and staff areas.
  • A hand washing station has been set up outside the centre as well as already having that facility in the toilets.
  • Kit will be sanitised before / after each use.
  • Please note that Rookery Woods is an outdoor play area and will not be sanitised after each use. We ask that you use the hand sanitiser before and after using that facility.


  1. Social distancing
  • We will promote a ‘one way’ guest flow through the centre: in at the Café entrance and exit by the Reception door.
  • We will operate group sizes according to the government guidelines on the number of people from different households meeting unless the group is from one household.
  • We encourage participants to wear a mask and gloves where practical and to supply their own. To not do so is then at your own risk and we do not have them to buy at the centre.
  • There will be unavoidable pinch points in the centre and in the toilets – please be sensible and respect other people and be aware of keeping the required distance as much as possible.
  • Instructors will keep to the required distance as much as possible but be aware that they may have to step closer on safety issues. By participating in any activity you then accept this may happen.
  • Rookery Woods is self-led and so it is up to you to manage self-distancing while using that facility.


  1. Capacity
  • We will adhere to restrictions relating to centre capacity while social distancing is required.
  • All activities apart from Rookery Woods must be booked in advance so we can control numbers.
  • At the time of writing, the capacity per activity is 5 participants and 1 instructor.
  • You can book a private session of an activity for your party at the cost of 5 participants.


  1. Our Café: The Hungry Heifer

We will take all necessary measures to reduce contact, ensure hygiene standards and social distancing.

  • We will not be offering table service and ask that people queue at 2m intervals then wait at the counter to get their order. This will all mean that orders may take longer than usual.
  • We will reduce our menu slightly but will still offer a good though smaller range.
  • We will ask that trays and crockery etc to be returned to a collection point to cut down staff/ public close contact.


  1. Our facilities

We have conducted detailed reviews across every area of our business and with the cleaning regime and social distancing we hope that our guests will be confident in using our facilities.


  1. Technology and process

We have reviewed our technology priorities to focus on the elements, which will help us deliver this plan.

  • Developing a new website, which will enable guests to get the latest details from us.
  • Frequent social media posts to keep you up to date with the latest news.
  • All activities will need to be booked and paid for by card in advance.
  • Card machine is to be installed in café to reduce cash handling.


  1. The future

We will keep abreast of the latest information and requirements in the Covid-19 situation and move with the changes it brings.  It however does not detract from our desire to offer fun and exciting activities for all ages.