How to have a Sustainable Weekend in the Lake District

Accommodation Edition

Now, I understand when coming to the Lake District you can be bombarded with endless choices of accomdation, which is great! However, we feel that certain business deserve to be recgonised for the hard work in which they have done to make your stay here in the Lakes as sustainable as possible!  these businesses which I’m going to be writing about today are located in the heart of the Lake District National Park: an area of outstanding natural beauty and importance. While, as businesses, I’m sure they feel privileged to operate in such a stunning area, they are also only too aware of the impact businesses make on the environment. The residential businesses mentioned in this weeks blog have made a conscious decision to operate responsibly and take the best care of the incredible surroundings. Whether it be from recycling to solar power, composting waste food to only using local business for maintenance and food. These businesses have gone above and beyond the requirements needed to meet your Eco friendly needs! 

Newlands Adventure Centre:

Based in the heart of the Newlands Valley, Newlands Adventure Centre is a multi sustainable award winning business & residential centre which has been operating since 1905.