Indoor Climbing

Offering climbers of all abilities with every challenge they could want. If you haven’t climbed before we can give you a lesson, or if you are a competent climber, there are plenty of routes waiting to test your skills.

Experienced Climbers

The climbing wall has over 40 top ropes, giving 120+ routes, as well as a 100sqm bouldering area, all of which should provide enough challenges for all ages and abilities of climbers.

Entry Fee

  • Aged 6 and over:  £8.00
  • Aged 5 and under: £5.00
  • Harness with belay, or shoes: £3.00 per item

Group / Family Lessons

If you haven’t climbed before we can give you a lesson where we will teach any adults in your party how to belay. This teaches you about holding the ropes correctly and safely for your climber and tying the correct knots. Once you are signed off as being safe, you can then carry on climbing at no extra cost for the rest of the day. Adults can supervise a maximum of 2 other people and lessons are 1, 2 or 3 hours.

We can also offer a “Refresher” – a condensed lesson for those who have climbed and belayed in the past but need a reminder of safety, knots and belaying before being signed off.  Please note that if you do not meet the requirements to satisfy the registration process after the Refresher, you will need to book a seperate lesson to reach the required standard. 

Price for lessons are per person

  • 1 Hour Group / Family Lesson: £20 pp
  • 2 Hours Group / Family Lesson:  £27.50 pp
  • 3 Hours Group / Family Lesson:  £35 pp pp
  • Refresher: £12pp (15 mins per person and 2 people max per session). 

Kids Hour Session

A fun session designed for under 18’s to “have a go”. The session Instructor does all the belaying, so parents don’t need to. The emphasis is on learning through fun, with the climbers getting up the wall as many times in the hour as possible. Afterwards, the accompanying adults can supervise a maximum of 2 children each in our bouldering area to carry on climbing. Sessions are 1 hour long and are the same price as a 1 hour lesson.

Price for lessons are per climber

  • £20 pp

Own Instructor Session

If you have you own qualified Instructor you can still use Keswick Climbing Wall. Your Instructor can supervise a maximum of 10 people and must bring or send us beforehand, a copy of their SPA, a valid First Aid and the Public Liability Insurance Certificate they are working under, as we have to hold copies of these certificates on file. The Instructor is then responsible for the group’s safety and their supervision in the wall.

  • Cost is £5.00 entry
  • Harness hire (with belay) £3.00
  • Shoe hire is £3.00 per person 
  • There is no charge for the Instructor.
  1. Unless they hold a Green card* all under 18’s must climb with a  competent adult or qualified instructor. Green Cards will be issued after an assessment session to any under 18’s who show they are capable of climbing unsupervised. The assessment is £10.00 pp, lasts 1/2 hour and must be booked in advance. An adult is also required to sign forms after the assessment, so must be there on the day. These Green Cards can be withdrawn at any point if the person is later deemed to be unsafe or contravenes Keswick Climbing Wall rules.
  2. A competent adult can sign in up to a maximum of 2 novice climbers. A competent adult must be over 18, be able to put on a harness correctly, be able to attach a rope using suitable climbing knot, be able to use a belay device correctly and agree to abide by the rules, terms and conditions of use of the wall. If they sign in more than 2 people then they must hold a climbing qualification (the accepted minimum being the SPA or CWA)
  3. There will be no untutored climbing after a lesson. Any under 18’s climbing on the wall must be supervised by a qualified instructor or competent adult at all times or hold a Green Card. Any adults wanting to climb after a lesson must prove they are competent and then sign in on the appropriate form.

Climbing Wall Registration Form

Download a printable version of the Climbing Wall Registration Form.

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